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Another Way Recovery Services FAQs

Sharing common questions we’ve been asked. If you’ve got a question, chances are you’ll find the answer here or CALL US.

How much does your program cost?

We are actively pursuing and obtaining in-network coverage with major commercial insurance companies in TN, NC, and GA. Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid at this time.

We do, however, offer a private pay solution to maximize discretion of our services for the patient. Our pricing structure starts high but ends low. Meaning, we scale down the pricing over time. For example, the Detox Phase can be somewhat pricey given the nature of our services, yet the Electronic Monitoring Phase is a fixed monthly subscription that is quite affordable. We will discuss pricing with you once you have been initially assessed, as well as potential insurance reimbursement.

Remember, we do offer our services on an a la carte basis and each Phase is priced differently.

What if I relapse during the program?

There are many of us who believe relapse can be just a part of the process of getting sober over the long run. Our PRIMARY goal is to ensure you have all the tools needed to stay sober. We do not want you to relapse, but the reality is that it happens. We will get you through it if it does happen.

Why do Another Way Recovery Services only operate in three states?

We serve in three states: Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. We are a young company and it will take time to retain the best and brightest clinicians to adequately handle a patient load at a capacity level with which we feel comfortable. We will NOT sacrifice quality of service for the number of patients we serve. Remember, we offer a personalized recovery program and will never herd our patients into group settings.

What is Another Way Recovery Services and what do they do?

Another Way Recovery Services is a first-class medical detox and rehabilitation program operated by board certified professionals providing medical treatment in the comfort of the homes of patients suffering from the disease of addiction.  This unique treatment technique uses a methodology that will stay and support the patient 365 days in a year if the patient chooses.  The three-phase program is a robust combination of medicine and therapy focusing on the individual needs unique to each person.

How does Another Way Recovery Services solve the problem of addiction?

Another Way Recovery Services cannot solve the overall problem of addiction.  That would be like asking if St. Jude could solve the problem of cancer in children.  However, here at Another Way Recovery Services, we can use the most state-of-the-art treatment modalities used in the substance abuse treatment industry to alleviate the condition.  We can arm the patient with resources and education to help themselves while standing alongside them as they grow and heal. Always making time for times when a patient may need extra support navigating life’s highways.

Is Another Way Recovery Services trustworthy, reliable?

Our team has spent a laborious amount of time and effort to build a group of individuals who are licensed and certified in mental health and substance abuse.  Each one has been vetted by persons with many years of experience in the industry of substance abuse.  There is collectively more than 100 years of experience treating persons suffering from the disease of addiction. Moreover, nearly 100% of our staff have worked in the traditional treatment facility industry for decades.

If Another Way Recovery Services is a new service, why would I trust them?

While our treatment program seems new, it is not.  The Medical Home Model has become more and more a movement in the medical community, especially when COVID 19 emerged.  The Centers for Medicare Services (CMS), the largest governing body in medical decision making, created a waiver to pay for in-home hospital care or Hospital at Home (HaH).  Of course, caring for the sick at home has been around for a long time. It was only in the early 1900s when hospitals became the last resort for the sick.  Now inpatient facilities have become the norm. We can assume some of the reasons for the rising cost of total medical care has been the result of extraordinarily high relapse rates coming out of inpatient treatment. With relapse rates around 70%, this has to be a burden on the healthcare system.  Recent studies have proven patients do better recovering at home and there is a cost reduction for these services. Another Way Recovery Services simply takes the expertise of their Board-Certified medical professionals and applies the collective knowledge to safely treat the patient in the comfort of their own homes using proven treatment standards and holds patients’ hands as they invariably encounter relapse triggers in everyday life.

How is Another Way Recovery Services different from any other at-home recovery service out there?

Another Way Recovery Services has painstakingly researched and planned the launch of this program over the past year.  Every aspect of the process has been scrutinized by well-regarded professionals in the industry to make sure patients are treated with the highest quality of care.  The program was founded and developed with knowledge and careful consideration for safety, quality, privacy, and efficacy. A private Nurse Practitioner is assigned to assess the patient simultaneously. A private nurse is deployed to the home and is at the direction of the NP.  As the patient begins to stabilize, he/she will be introduced to his/her Primary Counselor for an intensive 3-month (48 sessions) counseling program for the treatment of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. After the second phase is completed, the patient will be issued our proprietary CHARLIE App and accompanying biometric device that will allow them to communicate daily to the team.  This product has the ability to do daily mental health assessments and check vital readings, and then send the information back to the team and alert abnormal findings.  Also, if the patient seems to be feeling unusual stressors and feels they need extra support at that time there is an immediate clinical responder who will contact the patient for extra support.  These are only two of the many features this product provides to the patient at their fingertips. Great thought has been modeled into this product to give the extra support patients need when facing their recovery journey.