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About Another Way Recovery Services

There is Another Way. You can Recover from Addiction

Our Mission

Our mission at Another Way Recovery Services (AWRS) is both simple and highly complex: to help those suffering from substance use disorders (SUD), and other Co-occurring mental health conditions to enter a life of meaningful recovery. Assisting and guiding our patients in returning to relationships with families, professions, and a life of purpose and meaning. AWRS takes the initial treatment encounter out of the standard treatment center setting and offers a concierge approach in the patient’s own home.

We believe this allows for greater insight into the holistic approach of addiction treatment, as well as allowing our patients to maintain a connection to work and family commitments. Although our full addiction treatment program involves 3 Phases that last 52 weeks, depending on where you are in your addiction recovery, we can offer our services in an a la carte fashion. We can offer Phase I Detox services on its own, but we caution that such services are short-term in nature and the probability of relapse is high if only Detox services are offered. We offer Phase II Intensive tele counseling-medicine services which offer a continuum of care, immediately following Phase I Detox services. Lastly, our Phase III Electronic Monitoring Phase allows the patient to remain in constant touch with our clinicians and medical personnel to give the patient the highest probability for long term sobriety.

Who is AWRS?

We are a data-driven, outcomes-focused organization. We believe in long term monitoring and counseling, as evidenced by our methods and the fact that we offer a 52 week program. Do not fret, we are not going to physically be in your home or conducting telehealth calls every day for 52 weeks.

We offer our services in 3 Phases.

Detox Phase

Phase I:

The Detox Phase allows our medical personnel to come to your residence to evaluate and administer the appropriate medications to safely withdraw you off of your drug(s) of choice. This Phase lasts 5 to 7 days.

Telehealth Medicine

Phase II:

The Intensive Counseling Phase lasts 3 months, where you will receive 48 tele-health sessions with a licensed counselor to teach you the necessary tools to work through normal and abnormal stressors of reality that may prove to be relapse triggers.

Electronic Monitoring

Phase III:

The Electronic Monitoring Phase lasts 9 months, where you will utilize our proprietary APP to stay in touch with our clinicians on a daily basis so that we can monitor your mental state, any issues you may be facing, and continue on with tele-health counseling sessions as well as tele-medicine sessions to assist you in remaining sober long term.

Substance Use Disorder Treated Differently

Challenges Exiting the "Treatment Bubble"

A Long-Term Solution

All this being said, we believe we have another way to help patients

Attain sobriety but to also remain sober over the long term.