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“I have done a number of detoxes in institutional settings, and my experience with Another Way Recovery was so wonderfully different; it gave me exactly what I needed to restart my recovery journey. More specifically, Another Way Recovery provided me with a detox wholly customized to my specific needs. I was able to be at home in my own bed, with a nurse who provided me with medical safety, comfort, and companionship. She also gave me the respect of space. I felt entirely cared for medically and also able to be comfortably at home. Detoxing is hard. Detoxing in a cold, sterile institution where I am one detoxing addict in a row of many, restricted to an uncomfortable hospital-type bed, with institutional food and only given institutional levels of warmth is so much harder. Another Way Recovery ensured I was able to be intimately nurtured – not smothered nor neglected. I was able to order any food that my level of wellness tolerated or desired. I was permitted to watch the TV programming I wanted, have access to my phone and my support group and lived ones. I was able to be at the highest level of ease during a a most difficult time. As I began to feel better, I could both safely detox and start to put my home in order. For me, cleaning and reordering my messy life helped me put my feet wholly back onto the path of recovery. I felt able and empowered to both get physically well and start living well. I was allowed to walk outside, gently exercise and move from sickening detox to healthy recovery in my time and in my way.

Rather than being confined to a hospital setting, constricted to hospital rules that regulate a one detox program must fit all, Another Way Recovery met my unique needs. Everybody’s detox needs are different, and this program provided me with exactly what I needed to be successful to return to sobriety and life. As my sober days begin to grow in number, after my in-home care ended, the medical team and company leadership have continued to check on me and support me as I move into the next phases of early recovery. With phase two counseling, medication management and accountability, this experience hasn’t just been another way out of active addiction and withdrawals but the best way out I’ve ever experienced. I am exceedingly grateful for a fresh start and so very hopeful for sober future.”

Patient B

Greg, feeling great, just tired but I think that’s from the zpack doing its thing. I am just taking the weekend to rest and catch up on work/obligations ❤️ I am doing well and will call you tomorrow—- thank you for all you do and btw Roxann is an amazing and kind person”

Patient X
North Carolina

“Good morning Greg ,
I just want to thank you and your team for taking care of [Patient X]. I am so happy to see her on the road to recovery. I appreciate any advice you can offer me to help [Patient X] see this through. 🤗”

Patient X’s Loved One