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An a la carte or Full Service Program

Treatment Model

Our Full Service treatment model is comprised of three Phases which spans 52 weeks. Do not fret, we are not going to physically be in your home or conducting telehealth calls every day for 52 weeks. In fact, depending on where you are at in the recovery process, we do offer our treatment Phases on an a la carte basis if the patient chooses this route. We do believe our patients should understand that completing the full 52-week program will likely offer the greatest probability for long term sobriety.

Let us describe the process below. Please take note that we must first quickly assess you via phone call or video conference as well as discuss our pricing structure before we initiate our program. We currently can accept patients on an Out-of-Network basis, although we are w0rking diligently to go In-Network with multiple, large payers.

Detox Phase

Intensive Counseling

Monitoring Phase