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Phase II: Intensive Telehealth Counseling and Telemedicine Services

Our Phase II Intensive Counseling service enables our patients a continuum of care directly following Phase I Detox services. We believe this continuum of care will yield a greater probability of success in your recovery when compared to our short-term Phase I Detox program.

Phase II: Intensive Counseling Service

In addition to the patient’s frequent counseling sessions with his/her primary counselor, we will also provide tele-medicine calls with a Nurse Practitioner licensed in your state of residence to ensure ongoing medication management for MAT services and/or co-occurring mental health disorders.

We can utilize pharmacogenetic testing to optimize the effect of patients’ medications for co-occurring mental health disorders.

Lastly, we provide weekly tele-education sessions for the patients’ loved ones to help understand the Disease of Addiction. These sessions give loved ones a chance to ask questions and simply express their emotional distress from the damage a patient invariably caused during active addiction.