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At-home detox treatment is a process of withdrawing from substance abuse in the comfort of your own home. This treatment is designed to help individuals who are struggling with addiction and want to overcome it without going to a rehab center.

At-home detox treatment is a safe and effective way to detox from drugs or alcohol. It involves a gradual reduction of the substance, which helps to minimize the withdrawal symptoms. The process is supervised by a medical professional who will monitor the patient’s progress and provide support throughout the treatment.

We opened Another Way Recovery Services because we’ve seen firsthand how traditional addiction treatment models (30-day rehab cycles, unsupported re-entry into “normal” life, and more) fail to offer the kind of private, supported, long-term care and support that many people need in order to find success in their recovery journey. With at-home detox treatment, you get access to all of the medical knowledge and experience our trained staff has at their disposal, without having to leave your home or your family.